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Colonel Charles Young Post #398

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The Colonel Charles Young Post #398 was organized in February 1922, with an enrollment of forty-two members. The Post was named after Colonel Charles A. Young the highest-ranking colored officer of the regular US Army. A graduate of West Point Military Academy he served in the Spanish-American War as a Major, and served in both Liberia and Haiti. He was later retired for a physical disability with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
As a result of his involuntary retirement and to prove he was physically fit, he rode horseback from his home in Xenia, Ohio to Washington DC to demand Active Service, which he was given.

At the outbreak of “World War I”, he was reassigned to Adjutant General of Ohio, and later sent to Liberia as Military Attaché, where he died in 1921.

The Colonel Charles Young Post #398 now has an enrollment of over 200 members and has the responsibility of providing services and direct assistance to veterans, their dependents and survivors with the necessary services to claim any Federal or State benefits or services which they may be entitled.