Magnus Carlsen to face his hardest challenger in Fabiano Caruana for 2018 World Championship title

Magnus Carlsen to face his hardest challenger in Fabiano Caruana for 2018 World Championship title

Magnus Carlsen to face his hardest challenger in Fabiano Caruana for 2018 World Championship title

Magnus Carlsen to face his hardest challenger in Fabiano Caruana for 2018 World Championship title

The Kuelhaus literally translating to.”the cool residence” in English witnessed a major heat because the closing round of the Candidates tournament went underway in the ancient building in Berlin, Germany. American Grandmaster Fabiano Caruana had led the match all the manner via. Half a degree forward of his nearest rivals, Caruana defeated Alexander Grischuk of Russia to etch his identify on the title prize. With this seize, he has develop into the first American chess participant due to the fact that Bobby Fischer in 1972 to compete for the world Championship title. Later this yr in November, Caruana will problem Magnus Carlsen for the realm Championship in London.

Fabiano Caruana being presented the Candidates champion’s trophy. graphic Courtesy: FIDE


Fabiano Caruana being offered the Candidates champion’s trophy. image Courtesy: FIDE

despite being ahead in ranking within the closing round, finishing first wasn’t a simple project for Caruana. each Sergey Karjakin and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov were to have an aspect over the American had they succeeded in catching up for the first vicinity. Karjakin had overwhelmed Caruana within the twelfth round. considering that the outcome of the face to face come across between the players became the first tiebreak criterion, Karjakin would have been awarded the title in case of a tie between Caruana and Karjakin. In Mamedyarov’s case, it changed into the third tie break, the Sonneborn-Berger formulation, that worked in his favour. Mamedyarov had the better Sonneborn-Berger ranking than Caruana and, for this reason, would have been awarded the title.

but Caruana averted all of those situations. He changed into half a degree forward of the field and easily dominated Grischuk in an endgame that arose out of the fairly innocuous Petroff Defence within the remaining round and scored a purchase.

interestingly, at one point in the round, each Mamedyarov and Karjakin had entire their games peacefully and a draw would have been enough for Caruana to clinch the title. but Caruana, in a Fischerean manner, went all out for the occupy in spite of this. “The place turned into just too first rate to agree to a draw,” he referred to in the post-online game convention.

After his catch, Caruana noted he was absolutely thrilled. “Coming in nowadays, I wasn’t sure what would turn up; and issues couldn’t have gone more advantageous. a couple of days ago, i thought the event changed into already out of my arms, but by hook or by crook things just got here collectively completely on the end. I in fact couldn’t be happier.”

For Carlsen, who may be defending his title for the third time this year, Caruana is the hardest challenger so far. Caruana is the third maximum rated participant within the historical past of the game behind Carlsen and Gary Kasparov. extra, if one discounts his detestable efficiency at the Tata metal Masters, he has been in splendid kind having received the London Chess classic, forward of Carlsen in December 2017 and then the Candidates this yr. moreover, Caruana’s everyday trend of play and extraordinary opening preparation ensures that he’s hardly ever taken without warning in the openings.

Carlsen’s performances have additionally been fairly heartening these days. at the Tata steel, the place Caruana carried out poorly, Carlsen won the title prize for a record sixth time. additional, he gained the unofficial World Championship with a ranking of 14-10 towards Hikaru Nakamura, earlier this 12 months. In distinction to Caruana, Carlsen does not delve too deep into opening coaching and prefers to get a playable place and, to quote Garry Kasparov,under no circumstances lets go of that bulldog bite.

a big a part of the preparations for such excessive profile matches also depends upon the group of seconds one chooses. or not it’s tough to claim who has the higher hand on this front has for the reason that there is rarely an awful lot assistance on any of Caruana’s seconds apart from Rustam Kasimdzhanov.

As for Carlsen, if he is to proceed with his group of seconds from the outdated World Championship suit, the group can be a really robust one along with Peter Heine Neilsen, Laurent Fressinet, Jan Gustaffson and the shock in the pack, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. The presence of one of world’s right ten avid gamers like Lagrave can be of a very good advantage to the reigning world champion.

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